All Announcements From Microsoft Ignite 2023 – Including Reporting From TechCrunch

Image Credit: Dan DeLong [From TechCrunch. © 2023. All Rights Reserved.]

Queue Associates APAC closely followed all the announcements made last week at Microsoft Ignite 2023. AI took centre stage as expected, emphasising Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to innovation. A highlight was the rebranding of Bing Chat as Copilot, now accessible on Windows and seamlessly integrated into enterprise applications and plans, including new tools like Copilot for Azure, Copilot for Service, Copilot Studio, and Copilot in Dynamics 365 Guides.

A pivotal highlight for Queue Associates APAC was the aforementioned introduction of generative AI in Copilot within Dynamics 365 Guides, tailored to support frontline workers. Currently in private preview, Queue’s team has exclusive access to explore its functionalities, gearing up for future client support. Additionally, Microsoft announced Copilot Studio, enabling users to craft custom chatbots, is now accessible in public preview.

Microsoft’s unveiling of custom AI chips, Maia 100 and Cobalt 100, aimed at reducing GPU dependency and powering services like Copilot and Azure OpenAI, marked a significant stride in enhancing the efficiency of AI-driven applications. The AI enhancements for Microsoft Teams, including a home decorator and voice isolation, add a practical touch to virtual collaboration. The consolidation of project management tools—Microsoft To Do, Planner, and Project—into a unified product with a copilot feature further streamlines workflow and productivity.

In AI ethics, the introduction of generative AI copyright protections addresses many industry concerns head-on. The disclosures surrounding Windows AI Studio for localised AI experiences and Azure AI Speech, incorporating text-to-speech avatars with protective measures against misuse, further showcase Microsoft’s dedication to both responsible and pioneering AI development.

For more in-depth coverage and highlights of the Ignite 2023 Keynote, Queue Associates APAC recommends exploring TechCrunch, including a link to view the keynote on Microsoft’s website for additional insights.


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