Business Central & Copilot: Queue APAC Attends Directions ASIA 2024

Queue Associates APAC’s team was excited to attend Directions ASIA 2024, held on 17-18 May in Bangkok, Thailand. Our Global Managing Director, Jeffrey Goldstein, and APAC Business Development Manager, Lance Ladwig, were present at the conference, which gathered industry leaders to discuss the future of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and other Microsoft solutions.

Empowering SMBs

Directions ASIA 2024 emphasised empowering small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) throughout the APAC region and globally with tools needed to succeed. The event highlighted how Business Central, especially with Copilot AI, can help unlock a company’s full potential.

Major Announcements

One of the highlights was Microsoft’s announcement of a new data centre in Thailand, underscoring its commitment to expanding global reach and enhancing performance in the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, transforming the Jobs module into Projects significantly improves project management capabilities. Embedded Power BI reports now offer business insights directly within Business Central, while integration with Microsoft Forms simplifies data collection and workflows. Introducing a new field service module promises to elevate customer service and field operations.

Core Functionality Enhancements

We gained valuable insights into Business Central’s latest advancements. Key enhancements include:

  • Financial Management: Improved financial oversight, automated tasks, and multi-currency tools.
  • Supply Chain Management: Enhanced inventory tracking and demand forecasting.
  • Project Management: Advanced planning and resource allocation tools.

Seamless Integrations

Seamless integrations with Power Platform and Azure were significant highlights. Tighter Power Platform integration at Queue Associates means easier custom app creation and workflow automation. Improved data connectivity offers a unified view of operations. Azure amalgamation ensures scalability, robust security, and advanced analytics through AI and machine learning, enhancing data-driven decision-making.

Copilot Integration

The incorporation of Copilot with Business Central promises to revolutionise operations. We observed how Copilot offers real-time, AI-powered guidance, automates routine tasks, and reduces errors. Its advanced analytics and intelligent reporting aid in informed decision-making. Customisable dashboards and personalised recommendations enhance user experience, making it a powerful tool for our clients. Lance Ladwig noted, “Seeing all the new and upcoming changes in Business Central was thrilling. With the emphasis on AI, Microsoft has set a new benchmark for future ERPs, driving innovation and efficiency across the industry.”

Queue Associates recommends exploring additional insights and highlights from Directions ASIA 2024 for more in-depth coverage and to fully understand the industry’s significant strides.

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