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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables businesses and public sector organisations in Greater China, Hong Kong and the APAC region to build great customer relationships by focusing on optimum customer satisfaction with Customer Service apps. It provides many features and tools that organisations can use to manage the services that they provide to customers. Queue Associates Worldwide China HK Limited, a full-service Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, implements, comprehensively, Dynamics 365 Customer Service which offers value at every Greater China, Hong Kong, APAC region and global customer touchpoint and personalizes every interaction.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Greater China, Hong Kong and APAC region Financial Services, Fashion, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Professional Services firms, and Government Contractors, can anticipate customer needs and utilize the omnichannel experience in Customer Service for a 360-degree view of each customers’ journey. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a model-driven app that is built on the Common Data Service platform. You can create and manage model-driven apps by using PowerApps.

Use it to:

  • Track customer issues through cases.
  • Record all interactions related to a case.
  • Share information in the knowledge base.
  • Create queues, and route cases to the right channels.
  • Create and track service levels through service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Define service terms through entitlements.
  • Manage performance and productivity through reports and dashboards.
  • Create and schedule services.
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Queue Associates China HK APAC – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Background and Expertise

Queue Associates Worldwide China HK Limited possesses three decades of experience in supporting private sector and government agencies in Greater China, Hong Kong and APAC region, and across the globe with Microsoft solutions for customer relationship management, now centred on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite and, currently, the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Queue’s team features sales, marketing and customer relationship professionals with advanced business and finance/accounting degrees (MBAs and more), and a unique, 360-degree knowledge of business, technology and other requirements for the implementation and delivery of Microsoft solutions in Greater China, Hong Kong and other countries in the APAC region. The award-winning, Gold Certified, Queue team is committed to providing integrated solutions and unsurpassed support for each Greater China, Hong Kong and APAC region client.

Case Studies

Examples of Queue Associates UK’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service solutions for our clients throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and in other parts of the world.

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Explore MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service Capabilities

In this section, Queue Associates Worldwide China HK Limited has curated content directly from Microsoft that demonstrates the MS Dynamics 365 Customer Service module’s capabilities to earn customers for life:

  • Build brand affinity and customer loyalty with Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
  • Empower your teams with the streamlined data and unified technology they need to deliver seamless, personalized experiences.

When implemented collaboratively by Queue Associates and our clients, Greater China, Hong Kong and APAC region businesses and government entities can leverage these powerful capabilities to streamline and advance their customer relationships and grow opportunities and revenue.


  • Interact with Greater China, Hong Kong and APAC region, and global customers on their preferred channel—from chat and SMS to email and phone to Facebook Messenger (preview).
  • Let customers choose how to connect with your brand with omnichannel capabilities or use the Channel Integration Framework to add any channel.
  • Stay up to date on the latest channel additions and existing customers can try Chat with a free 30-day trial.
  • Create a single, consistent service experience through a threaded view of the customer experience.
  • You’ll ensure every customer receives a single, unified experience, even if their case is transferred between agents or across channels.


  • Optimize agent performance and improve customer engagement by analysing operations and agent interactions using Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights, sentiment intelligence, and supervisor experiences.
  • Empower agents to be more productive and avoid escalations. Make smarter recommendations with agent-facing bots that use contextual data about customers and your business.
  • Resolve cases faster with cross-company collaboration and easily connect agents with subject matter experts. Regardless of functions or geographies, agents can use Microsoft Teams to help resolve complex cases more quickly.
  • Intelligently route cases by topic or channel to the best-fit agent. Automatically assign cases to the agent who is best equipped to resolve the case by using custom entity routing embedded in Customer Service omnichannel capabilities.
  • Learn from your customers based on their feedback submitted through surveys. Measure and act on feedback after every service engagement by bringing your customer data together with survey insights from Microsoft Forms Pro—included with Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


  • Build a single source of truth and make better business decisions with Common Data Service. Get a shared understanding of company-wide business data that’s continually updated as data from different business apps flows into and out of the same data lake.
  • Use the Common Data Model to do more with your data. Ensure customer service agents are referencing the same customer data as other departments in your company, across all business processes and apps.
  • Reveal insights from your data with AI when you compile all your data in a single and secure location. Realize its full potential by combining Customer Service with industry-leading AI apps—including Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service, Customer Insights, and Customer Service Insights.

You can reach a Queue Associates‘ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Hong Kong, Greater China and APAC business consultant to ask any questions or to request a trial version by completing the form below, or by calling us at +852 8191 6049.



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