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Why Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics, implemented by Queue Associates Worldwide China HK Limited — including the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 — provides real-time data to distribution and logistics companies about demand trends, cost of servicing each customer, slow-moving stock, and the performance of product lines or items. In turn, this helps distribution companies in the Greater China, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific (APAC) region to better forecast demand, make more informed inventory planning decisions, and unlock the power of a demand-driven supplier network. All of this will help increase customer satisfaction and repeat business, especially from your best customers.

Microsoft Dynamics helps gain insight into customer and supplier information to fine-tune pricing, support, purchasing, and delivery

Microsoft Dynamics allows for full operational visibility across the organisation, supply chain, and customer base. This information can help determine your most profitable customers, products, and services

Microsoft Dynamics helps to reduce carrying costs, ship goods from the most cost-efficient location, and drive down operational costs with the ability to link records for multiple locations

Microsoft Dynamics allows companies to gain a competitive edge by strengthening customer relationships with the extra services they want. It will help identify what customers are looking for, and then customise product and order identification, tracking, labelling, and unitising standards

Microsoft Dynamics lets you map tracking data directly to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and provide Vendor-Managed Share (VMI) for your customers. And it will help increase efficiency by leveraging bar code and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to quickly get real-time delivery information

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