Windows 10

Bringing you new ways to make the most of your time with features that help you create and connect across devices.

Timelines, on PC or phone allows you pick up where you left off allowing for seamless usage.

Focus assist allows for distraction-free work by blocking notifications, sounds, and alert.

Nearby sharing allows one to share videos, photos, documents, and websites instantly using Bluetooth or WiFi.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Cloud identify and access manages single sign-on across devices, your datacenter, and the cloud, allowing for seamless, secure access to all your apps.

Identity-driven security is a comprehensive and intelligent protection against advanced attacks.

Securely manage apps and data on IOS, Android, and Windows from one place.

Protect information intelligently by safeguarding corporate data and enable secured collaboration.

Virtualise desktops efficiently by delivering and manage windows desktops and apps on all devices.

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