Letter from Jeffrey Goldstein – IAMCP US President

Queue Associates (a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner) is re-publishing, in entirety, our Managing Director, Jeffrey Goldstein‘s, first letter from the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP US), following his election last month to the role of U.S. Board President. The letter follows.


Hello IAMCP-US Community –

I am honored beyond words to have been elected to serve as your President of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners, United States (IAMCP US), and I’m filled with enthusiasm following our February Board of Directors meetings in Washington, DC.

Our code of ethics is a subject that is very important to me. It is as follows: “Members of the IAMCP Partner Community are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence. These principles apply to all activities wherever they occur. They address responsibilities to the public, which the professional serves, to the clients and users of the computer technology industry who help to shape and build the industry environment and to professional colleagues within the industry.”

In keeping with these standards of professionalism and the presence of such a strong community, I would like to let everyone know how supportive all of the leaders and members of the IAMCP have been during the Board of Directors transition. In particular, this includes the still-active President Emeritus, Randy Steinle, and Ro KolakowskiJon Sastre and Rudy RodriguezDavid Gersten, IAMCP US Vice President, and Debra Pfundstein, Secretary, have been awesome and endlessly helpful to our efforts! Tom Major will continue to lead the Finance Committee, and has done such a terrific job with our US operations that he has been asked to help the International Finance committee.

I am extremely excited about our senior level regional leaders:

  • West: Ro Kolakowski, who will be heading up the Western Region
  • Central: Ken Meyer, who will be managing the Central Region
  • East: Keith Keeler, who will be taking over the Eastern Region

I’m also thrilled to announce the following leaders:

  • US Vice President: David Gersten will manage the Regional Chairs.  David’s focus will be on P3 which is Partnering, Process and Participation and establishing 51 Chapters in the US!
  • US Secretary: Debra Pfundstein, who is the first-ever woman elected to the IAMCP US Executive Board, will serve as both the US Secretary and the International Inspire Chairperson. Debra did a fantastic job last year delivering the Inspire event for the IAMCP in 2017 and will continue in her role for 2018.
  • Membership: Sharan Hildebrand will continue to lead the Membership committee and has a very aggressive calendar year-end goal of 1,000 paid members. Sharan will require everyone’s support to attain this attainable, but aggressive, objective.
  • Sponsorship: Erik Frantzen, our very own Sponsorship Chair, has done a spectacular job with his professionalism and drive for sponsorship on behalf of IAMCP US. We will challenge him this year with a goal of delivering $200,000 in funding over the calendar year.
  • Marketing & Communications: Jon Rivers, our Marketing and Communications guru, will continue to lead the Marcom committee. Jon has a very aggressive goal of 4,000 IAMCP US followers!  Please follow us @iamcpus and share our story!
  • Women in Technology: Beth Burrell is leading our Special Interest Group (SIG) Community, Women in Technology. Beth has a very aggressive goal of growing 38 active WIT chapters in the US and will work closely with Christine Bongard, the International WIT Chairperson. Supporting Beth in her efforts are:
  • Advocacy: Our Advocacy Committee will continue to be led by Ryan Risley. Ryan has a goal of 38 active Advocacy ambassadors, one in each of our 38 US chapters.  Ryan is truly a role model for Advocacy Ambassadors across the US.
  • MIST (Microsoft IAMCP Strategy Team): Lastly, but perhaps the most important committee, is MIST, which is led by Randy Steinle.  Randy will lead our Microsoft Liaison Team to foster the positive working relationship with the Microsoft Team.

Two other initiatives that we are researching include the IAMCP University and the development of a Project Management Organization (PMO). Stay tuned for additional details on these special projects and potential committees.

In conclusion, I am extremely excited to be working with Jon Sastre, our International IAMCP President and former US President. Jon is a great leader and I am confident he will make the International Worldwide IAMCP the best Microsoft Partner Organization on the planet!


Jeffrey Goldstein, President
IAMCP US Board of Directors

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