Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 scheduled for release on May 1, 2018

Microsoft is happy to announce that the new Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 is scheduled for release on MAY 1, 2018! Look for current information and updates in the coming months on CustomerSourcePartnerSource, and in future webinar offerings.




From the Microsoft Dynamics SL Users Group (MS DSLUG): We invite you to REGISTER and attend the Dynamics SL Users Group 2018 Conference (details under “Events”) for a sneak peek at the SL 2018 solution!


Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 release will start a new quarterly release cycle

The goal is to be able to roll out new features even after the initial release of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018.


Contact Queue Associates for More Information


Please contact Queue Associates (a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner) for more information about upgrades to the new MS Dynamics SL 2018. You can reach us by completing the form on our CONTACT page, or call +44 020 7549 1606 for your local region (U.S. and Global locations).

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