Microsoft Expands Copilot for 365 and Strengthens AI Efforts

Microsoft has broadened the horizons of its AI-powered assistant, Copilot for Microsoft 365, by supporting 16 new languages, including Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, and more. It is enhancing accessibility for a global audience. This update increases the total to 31 languages. It is significantly expanding the tool’s usability worldwide. However, Hong Kong users can anticipate that traditional Chinese will come soon, as it is currently in the final testing phase.

In other exciting developments, Microsoft has introduced the Phi-3 series, an affordable AI model poised to outperform the well-known GPT-3.5T, democratising advanced technology for businesses and developers.

Moreover, Coca-Cola has invested over $8.5 billion in Microsoft’s AI services in a strategic move to fuse AI with consumer products. This collaboration will explore innovative AI-driven product options, potentially transforming the consumer goods industry.

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