Microsoft President Brad Smith Discusses AI Cooperation with Chinese Government – via CNBC

In a recent meeting, Microsoft President Brad Smith discussed artificial intelligence (AI) and trade relations with China’s Minister of Commerce, Wang Wentao. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Queue Associates APAC is following this news carefully, having recently expanded its presence in the Chinese market by opening offices in Tianjin, aligning with our APAC headquarters in Hong Kong, and new offices in Singapore and the Philippines. According to CNBC’s report, the meeting reflects China’s proactive efforts to maintain positive relations with American businesses. Wang emphasised China’s dedication to improving services for foreign enterprises and highlighted Microsoft’s potential role in fostering cooperation in AI.

This engagement follows the recent Biden-Xi meeting, signalling a desire for collaboration and a favourable environment for foreign businesses. Microsoft, a major AI player with a substantial investment in OpenAI, is strategically positioned. The talks echo broader U.S.-China technology disputes, with both nations acknowledging the importance of addressing AI risks. Despite existing tensions, Microsoft expresses readiness to contribute to China’s digital transformation and promote economic cooperation.

Jeffrey Goldstein, Queue Associates’ Global Managing Director, says his team aims to bolster these initiatives by “implementing the AI-enabled, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 productivity solution for organisations in China, as well as other APAC countries. This effort not only strengthens the utilisation of Microsoft’s valuable services but also reinforces the message to the government and other local and China-based global entities about their significance.”

Image Credit: Cezaro De Luca | Europa Press | Getty Images


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