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In 2023, Queue Associates APAC, as part of a global expansion, extended our Asia-Pacific operations beyond our initial headquarters in Hong Kong and Singapore to include India and the Philippines. Our wide-ranging reach is dedicated to supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 and related projects and licencing across the entire APAC region. Concurrently, we’ve closely monitored Microsoft’s strategic endeavour to establish Thailand as Asia’s AI hub, involving the creation of an AI Centre of Excellence and a cloud data centre region. The memorandum of understanding, signed during the APEC Leaders’ Meeting in San Francisco, USA, in November 2023, solidified Microsoft’s commitment, which was marked by quarterly meetings with the Prime Minister.

Microsoft’s investment in Thailand aims to enhance local cloud usage, minimise network latency, and streamline AI task computation across Asia. Collaborating with the Big Data Institute, the company plans to establish the AI Centre of Excellence, accelerating public sector AI projects and showcasing how AI can elevate government services. Emphasising the importance of renewable energy for data centres, Microsoft aims to achieve global renewable energy utilisation by 2025. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the Thai government’s National AI Strategy roadmap, with a targeted 48 billion baht business and social impact by 2027. Additionally, Microsoft underscores the integration of AI capabilities, such as Copilot, into its products, showcasing increased productivity reported by early adopters.

In tandem with our established contacts and personnel in Thailand, Queue Associates is following and aligning with the Microsoft-Thai government initiative. This collaboration seeks to enhance their work and introduce comprehensive solutions, including the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, to empower the country’s technological landscape.


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