OneTrust and The Data Privacy Group Deliver Returns on Queue Associates’ Privacy Investment – OneTrust Case Study

An important data privacy initiative for Queue Associates Worldwide China HK, Ltd. was documented by OneTrust, the “#1 Most Widely Used Platform to Operationalise Privacy, Security & Data Governance,” in a new case study just published on their website. The Data Privacy Group (DPG), “a team of world-leading subject-matter experts on data privacy,” led and continues to support the privacy consulting project and OneTrust for Queue Associates. DPG’s role was and continues to be to “untangle privacy law” and ensure that a more robust, more future-proof privacy programme was built and is maintained for Queue for its global websites and other data.

Queue Associates is a Microsoft Gold Partner focused on implementation, consulting, and ongoing support for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of solutions and other complementary Microsoft products. Queue’s Dynamics 365 implementations involve managing highly sensitive data and services – related to financial management, customer and employee data, and more – for its clients. The projects are global, with privacy and security paramount. These services are delivered, and Queue’s sales and marketing initiatives are conducted in multiple regions wherein GDPR and other fundamental privacy laws and regulations are of significant importance.

According to OneTrust’s case study: “With the changing compliance landscape, and the threat of fines for non-compliance, Queue Associates found themselves needing to comply with a growing number of privacy regulations throughout the globe; this prompted them to reach out to The Data Privacy Group.” DPG implements OneTrust and privacy policy for organisations with its deep business expertise. The company highlighted work needed to be performed for and by Queue to meet compliance requirements across the business and worldwide.

The complete project with DPG and OneTrust ensured and continues to protect Queue from liability and enables the company to offer better service to its customers. “With no fines issued in the past year, we consider the programme to have a 100% success rate,” said Jeffrey Goldstein, Queue Associates’ Managing Director, of the work performed by DPG with OneTrust, supported by Queue’s executive management, corporate policy, and website teams.


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