Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd. Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner 金牌合作夥伴 Achieves ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certifications 榮獲 ISO 9001:2015和ISO 27001:2013認證

Achievements Reflect Firm’s Commitment to Quality, Safety and Information Security Management in Delivering Microsoft-Focused Solutions

HONG KONG, 04 February 2021 (original press release publication date) Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd. is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner focused on consulting and implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 intelligent business applications and other complementary Microsoft offerings. Queue China is proud to announce that it has achieved prestigious International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications for Greater China, including Hong Kong and additional parts of the Asia Pacific region, and for other locations across the globe.


ISO 9001:2015 certification provides a model for Queue China to help build effective quality management systems for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other related client initiatives throughout complete project lifecycles. This specific standard is based on several quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, an involvement of high-level organisation management, a process-oriented approach, and an ongoing improvement of processes. All are attributes essential to Microsoft Dynamics 365 application selection, implementation and customisation, and support.

ISO 27001:2013 is the internationally recognised standard describing the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It represents a blueprint for building a solid foundation for information security. Queue China’s achievement of this certification demonstrates its continued commitment to following the highest standards in data security and privacy for all Microsoft application, cloud, desktop image and remote work paradigms. The standard also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks.

“Our ISO recognitions are important accomplishments for Queue China,” said Jeffrey Goldstein, Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd.’s Managing Director. “They are part of our comprehensive, long-term commitment to maintaining quality, safety and information security in delivering our Microsoft-focused solutions. Those services are centred on an organisation’s most sensitive information—including financial and customer data and related applications, and virtual and on-premises infrastructure housing those assets.”

With the two ISO achievements, Queue China is provided with the framework needed to help consistently meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Queue China’s ISO certifications were issued through a rigorous process overseen by QMS International, one of the leading ISO certification bodies.

About Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd

Queue Associates Worldwide, China, Ltd., a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner, is a full-service consulting firm, based in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, focused on providing Microsoft Dynamics 365 (including ERP and CRM offerings), cloud and other related solutions to various-sized organisations in the Greater China, Hong Kong, and Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) regions and for global clients. In addition to the Dynamics 365 suite, this includes Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft 365, Management Reporter, PowerBI, SharePoint and other platforms.

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Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd.【 Microsoft Dynamics金牌合作夥伴】榮獲 ISO 9001:2015和ISO 27001:2013認證


2021年2月4日,香港(原始新聞發布日期): Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd. 是Microsoft金牌認證合作夥伴,專註於為Microsoft Dynamics 365智能商務應用程序和其他相關Microsoft軟件產品提供諮詢和安裝服務。Queue China 自豪地宣告其已經通過大中華地區,包括香港和其他亞太地區,以及全球其他地區的ISO 9001:2015ISO 27001:2013的認證。

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ISO 9001:2015認證為Queue China建立了一個質量管理系統模型,以幫助公司在為Microsoft Dynamics 365和其他相關客戶工作中提供高效的質量管理服務。該認證標準基於多個質量管理原則,其中包括以客戶為中心,高層組織管理的參與,以過程為導向以及對過程的持續改進等。所有這些管理原則對於Microsoft Dynamics 365應用程序的挑選,實施和自定義以及服務都是必不可少的。

ISO 27001:2013是國際公認的信息安全管理系統(ISMS)的標準要求,是代表了為信息安全奠定堅實基礎的重要藍圖。 Queue China 的此項認證表明了其對所有Microsoft應用程序,雲端服務,桌面映像和遠程工作範例遵循最高級別的數據安全性和隱私性標準的承諾。同時,該標準還包括對信息安全風險進行評估和處理的要求.

“得到ISO的認證是我們公司的一項重要成就。”Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd. 的董事總經理Jeffrey Goldstein說, “这是我們長期以來在提供以Microsoft產品為核心的服務時,維護質量安全和信息安全承諾的一部分。我們提供的服務涉及客戶公司的敏感信息,包括財務和客戶數據及其相關應用程序,以及容納這些數據和程序的線上和本地架構系統。”

憑藉這兩項ISO認證的通過,Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd. 將在ISO認證的框架下持續提供滿足客戶期望和法規要求的服務。 該兩項認證是通過國際領先的ISO認證機構之一QMS International嚴格的監督程序下頒發的.

關於Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd.

Queue Associates Worldwide China, Ltd. 是Microsoft Dynamics金牌認證合作夥伴,是一家提供全方位服務的諮詢公司。總部位於香港銅鑼灣,致力於面向大中華地區,香港和亞太地區(APAC)以及全球其他地區的各種規模的公司以及組織提供Microsoft Dynamics 365(包括ERP和CRM產品),雲端和其他相關服務。除了Dynamics 365系列,他們的服務還包括Microsoft Azure,Microsoft 365,Management Reporter,PowerBI,SharePoint和其他平臺。




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