The Value of Investing in Privacy Compliance – Jeffrey Goldstein, Queue Associates: Voices for Innovation

Jeffrey Goldstein, Managing Director of Queue Associates Worldwide China, HK, Ltd., contributed a blog post to the US organization, Voices for Innovation (VFI) about initiatives that he has undertaken regarding data privacy for the all of the websites for his companies in different geographies.

In the post, Mr. Goldstein stated that “Microsoft partners — and every tech business — should provide strong privacy protections for their customers.” He continued, indicating that, “companies and customers alike would benefit from a single, unified federal data privacy law. But in the absence of that law [in the United States], we’ll benefit if state laws are closely compatible with each other and with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).”

Revelations from Audits of Queue’s Websites

Mr. Goldstein described the project in which Queue Associates invested to ensure data privacy on the three websites for his different international companies. The companies are based in Greater China, in the United Kingdom — the website for which was to be made to adhere strictly to GDPR — and in the United States. In this effort, for all of the sites for his different companies, he explained that it “made sense for us to seek outside help, so we contracted with a company called, The Data Privacy Group, Ltd. (DPG). When we first hired DPG, they conducted an audit of our websites and other technology. We were shocked to learn the extent to which we were out of compliance—even though we had not neglected privacy or security.”

Next Steps Towards Compliance

In the complete VFI post, Mr. Goldstein elaborated on the findings of the Data Privacy Group, and the extensive work undertaken by DPG and Queue Associates to follow laws and guidelines for web and data privacy in multiple countries. This effort is also bolstered by Queue’s recent achievement of ISO 27001 certifications. The companies, in each continent, sought to meet international standards on information security through these ISO certifications for their Microsoft Dynamics and other Microsoft-related initiatives for clients in these three geographies.

Read the Complete Post on the Voices for Innovation (VFI) Website

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